Planting the Seeds of Connectivity

The mission and goal of the West Michigan Shoreline Food Processing Initiative (Initiative) is to connect West Michigan’s existing Food Processing Industry from “farm to table” by taking a holistic approach to link farmers, food processors, state and local government and economic development officials, and the educational institutions that are able to train the current and future workforce. The focus is to capitalize on the strength of the region’s assets such as the Muskegon County Waste Water ManagementSystem that has available capacity to treat the growing waste water requirements of the food processing industry that exists in very few communities in the country.

With over 5,000 farms in the region and a strong history of food processing including companies such as Gerber, Kellogg’s, and Continental Dairy, along with new processors such as La Colombe, the West Michigan region already accounts for 43% of Michigan’s food processing jobs…But there’s room for growth given that Michigan continues to “export” over 80% of what is grown in-state to out-of-state food processors only for the finished product to return to in-state grocery stores and markets.

Going forward, the implementation focus of the Initiative is to work with local officials and private sector firms to develop a “shovel ready” food processing industrial park that has the infrastructure in place specific to supporting the requirements of a food processing manufacturer. In particular, companies who need waste water treatment capacity and those who want to export by a new cross lake shipping service, especially to Asia, will find this industrial park location to be competitive and attractive. Muskegon County has profiles on available properties suitable for food processing facilities on their web site.

The Initiative's focus on growing the food processing industry also includes a collaborative effort to develop a new facility that will offer food-grade industrial space with individual suites. The FARM (Food, Agriculture, Research,& Manufacturing) is being designed to offer flexible lease and space options for entities ranging from fast-growing start-ups to well-established companies in the food processing industry. The proposed food processing incubator/manufacturing facility is slated for start-up in 2020.

In the end, the West Michigan Shoreline Food Processing Initiative is “planting the seeds of connectivity in the region and throughout the world to be holistic, supportive, anda catalyst for growth.”